Thursday, April 08, 2021

Imperial College report on the progress of the battle against the pandemic

New research from Imperial College London shows Britain's rollout of the life-saving vaccines is working and has led to the number of infections dropping by 60 per cent since February – but we are not in the clear yet. It is vital that everyone continues to show caution as we gradually return to normality.

  • These findings are promising and illustrate the significant impact that lockdown, combined with our phenomenal vaccination programme, is having on the prevalence of this dreadful virus.
  • We are meeting the government's four tests for easing the lockdown and there are many reasons to be optimistic for the future, but we cannot let this come at the expense of vigilance today.
  • The only way to safeguard the progress we have made as a country is by continuing to show caution and by doing everything we can to drive this virus into retreat – practising hands, face, space and meeting outdoors, and, accepting the offer of a vaccine, when it comes.

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