Polls are now open in the 2023 local elections

Polls are now open to elect more than 8,000 district, city or borough councillors in 230 council areas in England and also councillors in 11 council areas in Northern Ireland. 

Elections for Directly elected mayors are also taking place in Bedford, Leicester, Mansfield and Middlesbrough. There are no local elections this year in Scotland or Wales.

There are also Town or Parish council elections in many areas of the UK, though many Town and Parish elections have not been contested and not all of those which are contested are being fought on a party political basis.

Polls will be open until 10pm this evening.

Vote Conservative for lower council tax, better services, and great value for money.

  • Your vote today will determine how your local services are run, how much you pay for them and who is best able to manage your money.
  • Conservative councils across the country are delivering for local residents. They are focused on the services you rely on. Filling potholes. Cutting crime. Collecting your bins on time. All while keeping your council tax low. 


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