Quote of the day 4th May 2023



Jim said…
Was it £10 or £20? It looks like Charles and Camilla will be accepted, though not exactly with gleeful joy. So seems I lost. I know its not been 2 years but the coronation is close enough for me to concede.
if you want to donate to charity or something then im happy to sponsor you for your yearly swim? however you want it :)

Well done :)
Paul Holdsworth said…
Lots more hardworking Tory Councillors rewarded for their loyalty to incompetents May, Johnson and Truss by being shunted into the wilderness. If they'd been more honest about the shambles of those administrations I'd feel sorry for them.
Chris Whiteside said…
Jim, I'm doing the Swimathon next weekend, there is a link on this blog posted to my Justgiving page on Friday 5th and if you would be kind enough to sponsor me, that would be greatly appreciated.
Chris Whiteside said…
People with Conservative views don't stop being Conservatives when a Conservative government makes a mistake any more than Labour people stop being socialists when a Labour government makes a mistake.

And all governments get some things right and some things wrong.

What some people might see as "loyalty to incompetents" I would call being true to one's convictions.
Paul Holdsworth said…
It's why party loyalists are so hopelessly undone as commentators.
Chris Whiteside said…
There are a few people with strong political views who are very good at putting them aside when the act as a political commentator - two people who I would consider examples (and I may be biased as they are both longstanding personal friends) are Iain Dale and Nick Robinson.

However, I would agree that many people with strong views are consequently terrible at acting as political commentators.

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