Action to fight superbugs around the world

Today the UK government announced £210 million of funding to combat superbugs, helping poorer countries to fight dangerous new diseases before they pose a global health risk.

  • Poorer countries are often most at risk from superbugs, which can quickly spread across the globe, so we must do all we can to support our international partners in preparing for these events. 
  • That is why today we announced an investment of £210 million to support countries in Asia and Africa in combating superbugs, which will help to prevent the risk that such diseases spread across the globe and impact lives and economies across the world. 
  • This record funding will allow countries most at risk to tackle and prevent the spread of these diseases, making us safer at home. This is not just the morally right thing to do: it is in our own long-term interest to make the world safer from these diseases.


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