Comeback of the week

“Funny, Labour was here yesterday and said exactly the same thing.”

Timothy Fox, a voter in Mid Bedfordshire, quoted in the Guardian on how he replied to the Lib/Dem candidate in Mid Bedfordshire when she told him her party were frontrunners to beat the Conservatives.

The same Guardian article also quotes Peter Kyle, Labour's campaign co-ordinator for the by-election as complaining about personal attacks by the Lib Dems on Labour’s candidate, 

“The Lib Dems have gone scorched earth. They are a towering inferno of self-righteous rage. Politically, they will raze the place to the ground if they carry on like this.”

This complaint about Lib/Dem tactics resonates with me: I've seen some nasty ones in the past and indeed, I was out on the doorstep a couple of days ago in Richmond, with the Conservative candidate in a by-election for North Yorkshire Council, and what should we find but local residents complaining about Lib/Dem campaign tactics.

Here is a link to the Guardian article: ‘Lib Dems will raze this place to the ground’ | Byelections | The Guardian


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