Power sharing executive restored in Northern Ireland

Two years to the day after the previous power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland collapsed, devolved government has been restored in Northern Ireland.

This is good news for everyone in the province. People may complain about politicians and governments, and often with good reason, but to have no functioning democratic government means stasis, paralysis, not way to start to address problems and no way for the people to have a voice.

  • The restoration of devolved government was made possible when the UK government reached agreement with the Democratic Unionist party on a series of measures, building on the Windsor Framework, to protect the economy and position of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom single market.
  • On parliament approving these measures, the DUP were prepared to return to the Northern Ireland Assembly. This means the Northern Ireland Executive can return to working towards the brighter future the people of Northern Ireland deserve.
  • Upon the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive, which happened today, there will be access to a financial package offered by this Conservative Government worth over £3 billion to assist with the stabilisation of NI’s finances. Together these packages will assist with the swift restoration of power sharing in Northern Ireland and safeguarding Northern Ireland’s place in our Union.  

The UK government will take the necessary steps to implement this binding agreement to see an executive restored and ensure that they can get back to delivering a brighter future for the people of Northern Ireland with a strengthened place in our Union.

Michelle O'Neill from Sinn Fein and Emma Little-Pengelly of the DUP have been appointed first and deputy first minister respectively of the Northern Ireland Executive. The other ministers in the executive are:

  • Justice Minister: Naomi Long, Alliance
  • Economy Minister: Conor Murphy, Sinn Féin
  • Education Minister: Paul Givan, DUP
  • Communities Minister: Gordon Lyons, DUP
  • Health Minister: Robin Swann, Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)
  • Infrastructure Minister: John O'Dowd, Sinn Féin
  • Finance Minister: Caoimhe Archibald, Sinn Féin
  • Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister: Andrew Muir, Alliance


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