Tim Yeo promises early nuclear decision

On a vist to Cumbria the Conservative shadow Environment Secretary, Tim Yeo, has made some very helpful comments about the future of the nuclear industry.

He promised that that a Conservative government would make a decision about a new generation of nuclear power plants within a year being elected. One of the worst problems for West Cumbria has been uncertaintly about the future so this promise was very welcome.

I was also very pleased to hear the positive tone of Tim's comments about the nuclear industry.

"It's for the nuclear industry to show that it can be cost competitive" he said. "If it can, and can show that understandable concerns about waste can be met, then nuclear power has a role to play. It already produces a fifth of our energy and has the advantage of not producing carbon dioxide emissions."

This was the most positive statement yet made about the future of the nuclear industry by the relevant parliamentary spokesman of either of the two main parties. This is good news, not just for those people in West Cumbria who work in the nuclear industry, but for all those whose jobs may be affected by knock-on on effects in any large scale run-down of nuclear activity.


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