Remembrance Sunday

Tomorrow, 14th November is remembrance Sunday and I will be taking part in the commemoration in Whitehaven for the fallen.

The parade will leave Copeland Council Offices at about 10.40 and there will be a minute's silence at the war memorial at 11 am.


Jim said…
I was not in Whitehaven on Sunday due to other comitments, but I was at the war memorial in Stockport between 10:30 and 11:20.

I try to attend each remembrance day parade, using the memorial of the town I'm in at the time. Some times that cant be so I will just obay the silence (shift work was an example of that one)

Brave men and women died for our freedom, died to protect our democratic system. To allow us to vote from power a government who we each as individuals think fail us, regardless of the governments colour.
To give us our free speech and freedom to peacefully march and to protest.

Freedom such as this, is not god given, it is hard won by real people, who had real lives.
Mourn them, remember them, and the sacrafice they made. Exercise the rights they won.

But please, dont abuse the freedom for which they paid the ultimate price.

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