Bransty and Harbour Neighbourhood Forum

The Bransty and Harbour foum met at 7pm this evening at the church in Market Place.

The main item on the agenda was Town Centre Management

Issues raised by local residents included

* Seagulls - speakers from the floor were concerned about the apparent rise in the Herring Gull population in the Whitehaven area and the environmental health implications.

Last time I mentioned the issue on this blog it touched off quite a fuss, but it was clear from the meeting this evening that there are a lot of strongly held opinions on the subject.

* Dog mess and street cleaning issues

* Parking in the town centre

* Streetscape issues - for example, covers for the bins in areas like Strand Street.

* Lack of Community facilities in Bransty following the unfortunate decision of the national RBL to pull the plug on the local Bransty Legion.

There will be reports back on these issues at future meetings.


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