Congratulations and Best wishes to Wills and Kate

I am sure I join millions of people, here and around the world, in saying congratulations and best wishes to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day.


Jim said…
I'm just glad its over.

Had to admit i did enjoy the day off work, for the parts of the wedding i could not escape i found this very usefull
Chris Whiteside said…
I bet the people who were responsible for providing security for the wedding are even more glad it's over, and with no serious incidents.

It all did seem to come off very well, and they both looked very happy.
Jim said…
being forced to watch the footage by the mrs, I did notice somethng.

the registration of the car that took them away was


now this is illegal, but, that wasnt really what bothered me.

No you see to left was the flag of our real masters.

so what would the royal couple have underneath this? would it be the standard GB, especially as all those people in the mall were waving union flags, that were printed in china. No, they replaced the GB with ♥U.

so is this a message telling me that the royals are also under the contol of our masters too?

something to think about isnt it?

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