Electoral registration day today: don't lose your vote

Today is the qualifying date for the electoral register: each household should register with the local electoral authority the names and details of voters, plus sixteen and seventeen-year olds, normally resident in that household as of tonight.

It is perfectly legal to have more than one place where you are normally resident and register to vote at more than one address - students, for instance, often register at both their home and college address - provided that you don't actually vote more than once for the same body.

This year we had the opportunity to register by returning the paper form, on the internet, by freephone telephone service, or by text. I used the internet service and found it very easy and straightforward.

Apart from the little matter that if you don't register you are breaking the law, it also means that you lose your vote and your voice. Don't forget to register!


Tim said…
Great ! So we can either vote for the present useless steaming pile of ordure or the other useless steaming pile of ordure - don't you just love the one ideology state.
Chris Whiteside said…
If you try living in one of the places where they don't have a choice between two groups of people to vote for, I guarantee you'll find life is worse in such places.

If you don't like what either of the parties in the present coalition have to offer or the main opposition, nobody is going to stop you from forming your own party or standing as an independent.

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