Government grant creates 1000 jobs in West Cumbria

The Coalition Government's Regional Development fund is to give a grant of £5.5 million to the Energy Coast West Cumbria, which is expected to create 1,000 new jobs in West Cumbria. This is in response to a bid which was supported by local authorities and local business, and the money will help businesses in the area to diversify.

This is one of three successful bids to the Regional Development Fund in Cumbria. Another is for tyre company Pirelli to develop more environmentally-friendly tyres at their plant in Carlisle, and the third is £2.5 million for Gilbert Giles & Gordon to rebuild and refurbish their turbine factory in Kendal.

This is excellent news for Cumbria and shows that the government is taking the problems of the county seriously.


Jim said…
This is good news for Cumbria. 100% Total agreement there.

"Shows that the government is taking the problems of the county (or indeed the country) seriously" Not so sure there I'm afraid Chris.

The best way i can think to put it is in the form of a scene from a play. It goes a little like this:-

George: lets give £5.5Million back to Cumbria today Dave.

Dave: Ok, good show, will write the cheque now, then let me write this £17.8Million cheque to the EU for today's membership, then I will join you for lunch.

George: Good show, Dave

Nick: can I join you?

Gorge/Dave: Of course old boy, you helped us keep writing these EU cheques, top man you

Nick: Yes old boys, imagine if those scum ever got hold of our gravy train, it would be gone for good!! Unthinkable

Dave/George: Indeed! We must ensure that it can not happen!

Nick: are the funds still short?

Gorge: Oh yes

Nick: well hack up fuel duty.

George: cant really, they are going mad now.

Nick: Well, tax whatever you can

George: Gordon already has, no intention of changing that.

Dave: I have the answer, lets bail out Greece again!

George/Nick: Good show old boy, now whats for lunch

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