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Further to friday's post commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day: the tragic fact is that although nothing on quite the immense scale of the Nazi genocides and mass killings has happened since 1945, mass murder and attempted extermination remains a major cause of death and suffering in many parts of the world.

Not all the perpetrators of mass murder are governments. For example, the Taleban/Al Queda are listed by "Genocide Watch." the International Alliance to End Genocide, among those responsible for massacres, and government officials, particularly honest ones, are at particular risk of being murdered in several countries.

Tim posted a comment on my "Holocaust Memorial Day" blog item pointing out that South African Boers have been listed as at category six risk of genocide (e.g. active preparation) yet the mainstream press do not seem to be taking much notice.

The really frightening thing is that, although Tim is quite right, South African whites are only eighteenth in the worldwide list of groups suffering massacres or at serious risk of genocide. The most recent list of countries on the Genocide Watch website (August 2011) gives twelve groups as currently being victims of massacres, and another eight, of whom white South Africans are sixth, at the "Preparation Stage," level six, which is the most serious stage of potential risk of massacres.

The top twenty countries and victim groups suffering most or at serious risk according to Genocide Watch as at August 2011, are

1) Democratic Republic of Congo: where women, civilians, and Congo Tutsis are at risk from ex-Rwandan genocidists and mineral warlords

2) In Sudan, Darfurese, Abyei,and Nuba people are at risk from the Sudanese army and Arab militias

3) In Eastern Congo, parts of Sudan and Uganda, civilians, women, and children are at risk from the organistion which calls itself the "Lord’s Resistance Army"

4) In Libya during the civil war, those suspected of being anti-Gaddafi rebels were subject to persecution from pro-Gaddaffi forces; there have also been rebel/anti-Gaddafi reprisals.

5) Syria: those suspected of being pro-democracy protesters or supporters have been massacred by the Assad regimes forces, Alawite loyalists and the army

6) Yemen: opponents of the Saleh regime have been massacred by pro-govt troops

7) In Somalia there have been massacres between opposing clans

8) In parts of Afghanistan, government supporters and anyone who does not support the "right" kind of Islam is in danger of attack from the Taliban and Al Queda

9) Pakistan - ditto

10) In North Korea anyone suspected of opposing the government is liable to persecution

11) There have been signs of progress in Burma over the past few months but the military regime which has run the country for decades has a history of severe repression against the Shan, Karen, Rohinga and against democrats.

12) Ethiopia: where government opponents have been persecuted by the Tigrean Army

All the above are listed at stage seven by Genocide watch indicating their view that genocide is actually taking place. The following are listed as stage 6 (preparation for genocide/serious risk)

13) Nigeria, where there is a serious risk of conflict between ethnic and religious groups:

14) People's Republic of China where the Falun Gong and Uighers are being repressed by the PLA and Chinese authorities

15) Colombia, where government officials have been murdered by drug gangs and FARC guerrillas

16) Equatorial Guinea, where the Bubi minority is oppressed by the Government and police

17) Zimbabwe, where the Matabele tribe and the Movement for Democratic Change have been oppressed by the ZANU-PF and the Shona tribe

18) South Africa: Genocide watch identifies whites and women (because of a high rape rate) as victims or potential victims of attacks by ANC Youth, black Marxist racists

19) Chad, where the Zaghawas have been attacked by Sudanese raiders

20) Central African Republic, where African farmers have been attacked by Arab militias

You can read more details at the Genocide Watch webpage here.


Tim said…
Good article !

I think the phrase 'the tragic fact is that although nothing on quite the immense scale of the Nazi genocides and mass killings has happened since 1945' is not telling the whole story - In the seventies East Timor suffered in percentage terms(33%) the worst genocide ever - sadly, our country had a hand in it.
Chris Whiteside said…
What happened in East Timor was an abomination, and you're right to point out how bad it was.

There is a level of evil where what happened is so vile that trying to say "this evil is worse than that one" becomes futile, and both the Nazi genocide and what happened in East Timor reach that level of evil.

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