Lest we forget

Exactly thirty years ago a murderous fascist regime invaded the Falkland Islands.

Two hundred and fifty eight British men and women were killed in defeating that invasion.

Whatever your view of the merits of Argentina's claim to the islands, the Gatieri Junta were the ones who first resorted to force to prop up their regime, one which had been responsible for the deaths of many innocent Argentine civilians before they started the war in which they sent another 649 Argentinians to their deaths in addition to the British casualties.

The men and women of the British Task force which defeated the Argentinian invasion were not just defending Britain and the Falklands. They did the people of Argentina a favour by defeating, and thereby causing the overthow of, a tyrannical regime who were quite literally no better than criminal gangsters in uniform.

Britain can and should look back with pride on the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who died to liberate the Falklands from that regime.


Tim said…
This chapter from yesteryear is of course strongly contrasted with another episode concerning a British overseas dependency. In the '60s the British government threw the Chagos Islanders off their islands because the Americans wanted the territory in order to build a military base for future bombing raids. The Americans were kind enough to gas all of the islanders dogs ! A long and lengthy legal process resulted in the islanders winning a court case paving the way for return only to be prevented by the unctuous Mr. Blair(he, who should be interred in The Hague) invoking the Royal Prerogative. Criminal gangsters in uniform.........? Now where have we seen them before ?
Chris Whiteside said…
As I said a couple of months ago, I would like to see the long-running dispute over the Chagos islands resolved by mutual agreement, e.g. finding a solution which is acceptable to the islanders, if at all possible.

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