Conference diary 4: Nukes, Boris, and crime

The third full day of Conservative party conference

Attended a session first thing this morning on the environment, rural affairs, Energy and climate change.

John Hayes, the new energy minister, reaffirmed the government's commitment to a new generation of power stations which included nuclear in the mix.

Also mentioned this morning was another police which greatly affects Cumbria - the drive for faster broadband links in rural areas, which are vital to the development of local bsuiness in countties like Cumbria

That was followed by a highly amusing - but quietly rather impressive - speech by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Boris is one of a kind, and used to play on his reputation as a clown: he did include a certain amount of charicteristic Boris clowning but there was also something very meaningful about the achievements of London and of Britain this year. He said that Britain has rediscovered that it is a can-do country, and that is absolutely right.

Then this afternoon a session on crime and justice, which showcased some of the Conservative candidates to be Police and Crime Commissioners - including the excellent candidate in Cumbria, Richard Rhodes - and had speeches by Home Secretary Theresa May, police minister Damian Green, and the new Justice secretary Chris Grayling.

There was some tough talking by all three but there were postive moves towards reform and towards making restorative justice work.

I particularly appreciated the fact that Chris Grayling made some very balanced comments about how to deal with crime in that we want people to know that if they commit a serious crime they will go to prison, but we also want to ensure people don't then reoffend and come back. His message to criminals, slightly paraphrased was that if you commit a crime we will catch you and send you to prison - but we'll also help you have a chance to go straight after you get out.  


Jim said…
At the time of this comment the uk national debt is:


the last 5 figures I needed to take a screen shot because is it raising so fast.

this means that every uk citizen now owes £19,779

can we please have some one speak a little about that?
Jim said…
Would love to recommend Chris Graying be rewarded with the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. Sadly I don't think he will get it as I’ve heard whispers that Al-Assad is in the running.

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