PCC Elections today: Polls open until 10pm

Polls are open until 10pm this evening in the UK's first ever elections for Police and Crime Commissioners to replace the existing Police Authorities.

If you have a postal vote which you have not used, you can hand it in at a polling station. You do not need your polling card to vote as long as you are on the electoral register and have some evidence of your address at the place where you are on the register.

The elections are important as the person elected will control a large budget - in most force areas at least £100 million - and have power to set part of the council tax.

Don't lose your say: use your vote.


Jim said…
Chris, if you fail to allow this one then I will hold it as complete contempt against democracy.

real election results

Well ladies and gents we have the results:

First round clear victory goes to "none of the above" in a total landslide.
817,000 ish votes
NOTA, scored approx 89% of the vote and is the clear winner, by a landslide.

Richard Rhodes (con) - 18,080 (4.52% of electorate)
Patrick Leonard (lab) - 15.301 (3.84& of electorate)
Mary Robinson (Ind)- 15,245 (3.82% of electorate) eliminanted in round one.
Pru Jupe (Lib dem)- 13, 623 (3.45%)eliminated in first round.

So we went to round 2 of the system the country voted against, and we end up with

Still nota at 89% of votes

Richard Rhodes - 8.7%
Patric Leonard - 6.9%

so your winner with just over 4 and a half percent of all votes is richard rhodes - conservative, who ever that is
Chris Whiteside said…
It's always disappointing when you get a low turnout. But if you treat abstention as a vote against all candidates, you would have to abolish the vast majority of local councils. I don't think that would be a good idea.

I don't like the AV-lite system either. Ironically one of the people who lost out from it was John Prescott who was one of the culprits to blame for bringing in this system in the first place for elected mayors. Poetic justice! Will be commenting on that in a separate post.

There are a lot of lessons we can and must learn from the fact that the turnout was so low, and I have referred to two of them in a post about the result.

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