What kind of "Loyalist" throws rocks at policemen?

When I was a councillor I voted for civic buildings to display our national flag. This is not something which is a matter of partisan party controversy in most of the UK.

But although I can fully understand why some residents of Belfast might be annoyed by the decision to limit the number of days on which the Union Jack is displayed, it is the genuine loyalists who should be most annoyed, and whose cause is most damaged, by violent protests on the subject.

Peaceful, non-violent protests on the subject are entirely legitimate and part of the democratic process.

But much of what we have seen over the past few days is none of those things.

Can those so-called "loyalists" who throw rocks at members of the Northern Ireland police force, people who are pledged to protect the community and sworn to uphold the laws passed by Her Majesty's government, not see the utter contradiction involved in attacking British police officers in the name of loyalty to the British national flag?

These people have no right to call themselves loyal and they are no friends of the Union.

Postscript (9th Feb): and throwing petrol bombs at police officers is even worse!


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