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For reasons which I will explain in full when I start blogging again, I will not be posting any new blog entries, comments or tweets either here on any other form of social media until late July.

This is not due to a problem with my health, not to any legal trouble, nor anything else to worry about. I have been advised by Conservative Campaign HQ that I don't have to shut down the blog, but that it would be best not to put up any new posts for the next couple of months to avoid the possibility of being accused of prejudicing an election process.

Active blogging will resume on Saturday 27th July.

Anyone who might have come here looking for my views on Europe is referred to my post "Britain and Europe" which I put up at the end of April. You can read it here.

At the request of readers I am undertaking a trial removal of comment moderation on this blog. It's actually off at the moment but will go back on if there are any offensive or legally difficult comments posted between now and the end of July. The formal two month trial will now run from Sunday 28th  July to Saturday 28th September.

Update 24th May

Following clarification of advice from CCHQ I am now able to start blogging again - see next post


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