Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Digital Switchover completes

All the remaining analogue TV signals were turned off this morning at the Bigrigg, Gosforth, and Eskdale transmitters.

Digital UK has suggested that about 20,000 homes and families in the affected area are now Digital compatible but that there may be 500 homes which are not: they will now be without television service.

It is ironic that the comparatively small change of turning off the BBC2 analogue channel attracted considerable attention from all the world's media, but I have not seen more than the slightest reference in the national press of the much more significant switchover today when everything else went over.

If you know of anyone who is having trouble, please refer them to one of the following.

Help centres running today until 7pm and tomorrow from 10 am to 6pm are available at

Whitehaven Harbour: Age Concern, Old Customs House

Cleator Moor: Cleator Moor CIvic Hall

Egremont: Age Concern Shop, Market Place

Seascale: Methodist Church Hall.

Alternatively you can call Digital UK on 0845 6 505050

If you know someone who is having trouble with the switchover, their first port of call is Digital UK on


Anonymous said...

I have lot of useful info for you about the switchover and how it how it is unfair to most people in Copeland. seize your opportunity to to rub muck in the face of Jamie and Labour.

Email me at

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks for that. There are real problems which are unfair to many people in the area. Will be in touch. See also my post today (21st November)