Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ONE WEEK TO GO until Digital Switchover completes

Digital UK estimate that there are still 500 homes affected by the Digital Switchover which are not ready for the final switch-off of all remaining analogue terrestial TV services in the early hours of 14th November.

The Comet storer in Workington is staying open all night from Tuesday evening through the switchover period, so if you find you need another SCART cable, set-top box or anything else you can pop up there to get it.

Yesterday at the meeting of Copeland Council I asked about the charge for shared aerials made by Copeland Homes.

1) The Leader of the council advised that there had been a problem with this, and she referred me to a member of the Executive who sits on the board of Copeland Homes.

2) He referred me to the Chairman of the Board of Copeland homes (who is also a Copeland Councillor)

3) The Chairman explained that he was not allowed to give me an immediate answer in open council because the matter had been discussed in the confidential section of the Board meeting agenda, but suggested that any councillor who wanted a report could contact the Copeland Homes manager.

4) So the Leader said she would contact him and get back to me ...

You do have to have a sense of humour to survive being involved in politics ...

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clarksburg said...

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