Friday, January 30, 2009

Quote of the day

On Labour's economic record

"The only thing they've been economical with is the truth!"

(said by my colleague Councillor Allan Mossop during a group meeting.


Anonymous said...

Evening Chris. I'll see Allan's comment and raise ya:

"I know what recession does to families, and as I look around the Cabinet table, I see colleagues who are in touch with the daily realities of hard-working families, and in some cases I see colleagues who, like me, have known real family hardship caused by unemployment" - Mizz Hazel Blears.

Well that's that sorted eh? May as well go back to your day job when you're up against such an empathetic gummint.

You should keep an eye on LabourList - priceless!

Chris Whiteside said...

You're quite right - Labour List is unintentionally very funny.

There is also a grassroots alternative version of LabourList, has the same content (shared by permission) but without the heavy handed comment moderation.