Wednesday, January 01, 2014

David Cameron's New Year Message 2014

“It’s a New Year – and for Britain there can only be one New Year’s resolution…
…to stick to the long-term plan that is turning our country around.
When we came to office, our economy was on its knees. 
Three and a half years later, we are turning a corner.
We see it in the businesses that are opening up, the people who are getting decent jobs, the factories that are making British goods and selling them to the world again.
The plan is working. 
That’s why this year, 2014, we are not just going to stick to the plan – we are going to re-double our efforts to deliver every part of it, to benefit the whole country and secure a better future for everyone.
We’ll continue with the vital work on the deficit.
We’ve reduced it by a third already…
…and this year we will continue that difficult work, to safeguard our economy for the long-term, keep mortgage rates low and help families across Britain.
We’re going to keep on doing everything possible to help hardworking people feel financially secure…
…cutting income taxes and freezing fuel duty. 
We’ll keep on working even harder to create more jobs, whether that’s through investment in our roads and railways, lower jobs taxes, or more help for Britain’s amazing small businesses. 
Those who run our small businesses are heroes and heroines, they are the backbone of our economy and we are supporting them every step of the way. 
We are going to keep on with our vital work on welfare and immigration too.
We’ve already capped welfare and cut immigration…
…and this year, we’ll carry on building an economy for people who work hard and play by the rules. 
And last but not least – we’re going to keep on delivering the best schools and skills for our children and young people…
…so that when they leave education they have a real chance to get on in life. 
So this is a vital year for our economy. 
And 2014 is also an important date in the history of the United Kingdom. 
The referendum vote will be the biggest decision Scotland has ever been asked to make.
The outcome matters to all of us, wherever we live in the UK. 
This is not a vote for the next few years, but a vote that could change our country forever. Our family of nations is at its best when we work together with shared interest and common purpose. 
This year, let the message go out from England, Wales and Northern Ireland to everyone in Scotland…
…we want you to stay – and together we can build an even stronger United Kingdom for our children and grandchildren. 
That’s what our long-term plan is about…
…and we will stick to that plan this year. 
I’d like to wish everyone a happy New Year – and best wishes for 2014.”


Jim said...

Hi Dave,

Happy new 365 days since last time it was Jan 1st (well i'm writing this on Jan 2nd so its actually 366 now)

We are turning a corner, oh ok. Businesses that are opening, personally i see more that have closed recently, lots of pubs for a start, I also live in a town with nothing but cafe's and charity shops due to people having no money, really because its taxed away from us all.
people getting decent jobs - well some do, some don't, but hey if only look at a one sided picture of those that do, then it all seems rosy enough i guess.
factories producing and selling to the world again - Here is a little graph, Dave, showing our trade deficit each month last year Dave,

re-double our efforts, wow, this should be good, what you gonna do dave, tax even more and spend even more, whilst saying its a real terms cut in spending due to your hidden inflation tax?

Morgage rates far too low for far too long, yeah thats a great plan, it always ends well that one doesn't it dave.

help hard working people, oh great are you going to raise the income tax threshold to someone working full time at min wage, cut VAT and cut fuel duty, nice one.

capped benefits, - well yeah, but so they can claim the same as someone on £35K per year, dave. News flash, the average salary at the time you done this was £24K, hardly a crippling cap is it, dave?

Create more jobs? the only jobs any governemt can create are taxpayer funded none jobs, i mean we are really short of "Ethnic Minority homosexual community integration annalists" arnt we. Just dont bother, really don't. Just stop taxing so much, stop "creating jobs" and i promise you, real ones will follow, promise, dave.

best schools - maybe compared to the third world and the US but other than that, best schools is not exactly a term that sprang to my mind, dave

Yeah there is going to be a referendum in Scotland, well lets just see how the soverign people of scotland decide to vote, actually most people in England dont really care how they vote, its up to them really.
And hey whats the point in building a strong united kingdom as parliament seem hell bent on giving soverignty (which does not belong to them) away to the masters in brussels.

Yeah, happy new year, Dave, Best wishes for 2014 too.
enjoy it.

love and kisses, dave

Jim said...

Oh P.S. Dave, old buddy, forgot to ask how is the EU referendum promise panning out for you?

You know that one where you were going to renegotiate so we get back certain powers and things, you know, those Powers you still have not named, Dave, those ones?
those you are going to claw back due to renegotiation whilst the "colleagues" are already planning a new treaty, since Mrs Merkel was elected, you know that new one, Dave, the one that will ensure a convention then an IGC, Dave, that one, may be secured by 2018, Dave, you know it, yeah that one Dave, which required a yes/no vote under the referendum lock you set in place, Dave, remember that day, dave, good one that wasn't it, dave?
but it kind of hinders the renegotion treaty referendum in 2017 that, Dave, Dave, but doesn't it Dave?

Its a good job we are good buddy's now, Dave, since many people here think you are as shallow as a worms grave. Good job you have a cunning plan for this EU problem, erm, can you remind me again what this plan is, dave, so i can spread the word.

You know just the simple stuff like which "powers" exactly you will renegotiate, oh and, dave, old chum. Don't make it another Veto that never was, it wont wash twice that one you know.

Jim said...

OH yeah, and PPS, Dave, my old chum. thinking that the economy is your way out, or rather back in is also not a good plan.

"its the economy stupid" a phrase coined by clinton in the run up to his 1992 campaign.

thing is it does not work so well here in east pondia, Dave.

In 1992 - your party under John Major won, in the face of a major recession

five years later in 1997, despite a great economic recovery your party fell fowl, Dave, by a landslide. Gordon brown is even said to have said "what do you want me to do, send them a thank you card?"

in 2005 labour played that card, great how we had low unemployment, low interest rates, good growth. Labour lost 94 seats that year dave.

2010 - Your party failed to win Dave, despite the dire economy, but the thing was the thing that really done brown was the "election that never happened"

so you see dave, playing the economy card wont help you, not here, people know that the economy grows in spite of government interference, not because of it.

so why else may you not win the next election, dave, well lets see what might stick in voters minds so far:

- cast iron
- gay marriage
- Chinese humiliation
- Veto that never was
- Immigration policy failure
- Lies on Norway option
- HS2
- 3 line whip against referendum (only to promise one that cant happen)
- trying for Syria war
- green policy flip flopping
- VAT on pasties
- the disaster of the PCC elections

Come on, Dave, old pal, its not exactly looking rosy for you, so enjoy 2014, hey it may well be your last as PM if you don't stand up to the wall soon you know.

Jim said...

PPPS - Dave old buddy, also the under occupancy reduction commonly called the "bedroom tax".

Nice idea, just not exactly well planned my old mate. would have been good if there were 2 or 1 bed houses for people to move to, but there are not, so we have a problem.

Nice idea badly thought out - what brought the iron lady down in the end dave?, here is a hint it starts with a p dave and it ends with an oll tax. nice idea, just badly thought through.

Any way this is the last of my PS's so anything else is real from the heart.

Anyway you have a nice 2014,
I wish you and your family all the best for the new year.

Take care,

Chris Whiteside said...

Happy New Year to you too Jim.