Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some grave humour ...

A couple of weeks ago contractors installing fibre broadband in Cambridgeshire on behalf of BT Openreach found a human skull. The police were called and investigated: they determined that the engineers had probably accidentally disturbed an old unmarked and unrecorded grave and that there was no reason to treat the discovery as indicative of wrongdoing.

I was amused by some of the comments  posted about this, for example ...

"Ah ... So this is what our fibre engineers mean by the 'head end'."

"Probably a BT Sport customer who had been watching the Ashes cricket series and was waiting for an England win ..."
"The things people will do to get a head ..."
"Where is Sherlock when you need him?"
"This is probably the remains of the caveman that installed the prehistoric copper pairs"

"A grave development"
"That's what you get with a skeleton crew on the job"
"I suspect Skulduggery going on ..."

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