Friday, January 31, 2014

Let Britain decide - Labour and Lib/Dem peers kill the referendum bill and vote not to give you a say on EU membership

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Jim said...

only the conservatives will give you the say you deserve????

what? so far we have an offering of a referendum on a timescale that's not possible.

the say we deserve is very simple really, Its just simple a BINDING referendum, and I will even save parliament a lot of time by writing the question for them.

Who should govern the United Kingdom?

1 The British people

2 An unaccountable government in London

3 An unaccountable government in Brussels

Jim said...

Here is the French President explaining why the current conservative 2017 re negotiation then referendum is not possible.

Chris Whiteside said...

I don't accept that the timetable is impossible. Nor do I agree with the French President who is pushing his agenda, which on this issue is not ours.

And forgive me Jim, since when did you start regarding President Holland's word as carrying such authority? I would have thought you would agree with even fewer of his opinions than I do.

Jim said...

its not really who says it, the fact is there will be no renegotiation of eu treaties to favour the uk, especially at a time the EU is hell bent on making a new treaty to try and sort the problems with the euro. Thus creating a sort of 1st class and 2nd class membership.

Been saying for much longer than Hollande why the timescale is wrong, its just when he says it it tends to then become "news".

Rather a sad world we live in isnt it.

Jim said...

However, since you dont like hollande here is booker on this, (last part of article). Its not just hollande, its quite a few people who have hit the nail on the head, Lord Kerr seemed to have it spot on.

Chris Whiteside said...

Neither I nor David Cameron expect a "new treaty to favour the UK" we want to see a new treaty which will make the EU work better, and Britain is absolutely not the only country which wants to see the repatriation of some powers as part of that.

France under their present socialist president, however, is not one of them.

And forgive me again, I don't know where on earth you get the impression that the referendum envisaged in the Wharton Bill or promised by DC would not be binding. This is wrong.

The referendum the Conservatives are promising would be binding and would give the people a say. The Labour and Lib/Dem parties have shown that they do not intend to give the people of Britain that choice.

Jim said...

not sure where i said "the false referendum promised" was not promised to be binding, i dont remember saying that.

I stated its a false promise due to the re-negotiation, and the timescale of the new treaty which would be required.

ok i did say the referendum we deserve on "who should govern britain" should be binding, but i did not state that the the conservative party are not offering a binding referendum, only that they are offering a referendum which cant possibly pan out as promised in the promised timescale.

Now it was the advert in your post that promised people the say they deserve, and the say they deserve is as outlined above

Chris Whiteside said...

By "the say you desere" we mean the opportunity to vote in a binding In-Out referendum on Britain's EU membership. There is only one party which is currently offering that, and it is the Conservatives.

Nigel Farage has torn up UKIP's previous manifesto and said that it will not be replaced until after the European elections, so until and unless he makes the position clear on the subject we simply do not know whether UKIP support a simple In-Out referendum, the sort of three way referendum in your post, or would just come straight out without a referendum.