Monday, July 07, 2014

Hands Across the Border - Rory Stewart MP writes ...

Here is an extract from a note from Rory Stewart MP
Right on the border, in a field at Gretna (adjacent to the M6), we are inviting families from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to bring stones and build a great cairn. Stone cairns have been built in Northern England and Scotland for millennia, to celebrate a sense of shared space. Together we hope to construct a striking and lasting testimony to the Union.*

We will begin the project on Sunday July 20th and continue every day thereafter, for the following eight weeks and hopefully beyond. We would always love to hear from anyone who is coming, but we also want people to feel they can just turn up and make their mark.

Most of all we hope that this is an opportunity for creativity, and for you to put your own personal touch on this testament to the Union.

Join us, everyone - families,, students ,old, young, Scots, English, Welsh, Irish - to say that you want to keep our country together.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Hands Across the Border

* Don’t worry if you don’t have a stone to bring, we have English and Scottish stones on the site.


Jim said...

I think this is pretty much a warm up for the big question. I can see there are many similarities at the moment.

1. how to run an "in" campaign
2. how not to run an "out" one

Really I dont care if Great Britain remains, or if it does not. I honestly dont care. As for nationality then my country is and always was England, I am English. I am so instant on that fact that even on the Driving licence form, I insist on writing England. Can be seen on my driver licence card under section 3 where most others have "united kingdom" beside the date of birth mine does not, it says "England"

will i feel a deep sence of joy if scotland leave? - NO

will i feel a deep sense of joy if they stay? - NO

I honestly dont give two hoots either way, I really cant see why anyone else who does not live in Scotland should either. To me its a little like a spaniard telling me how much i should remain a member of the EU.

This is a Scottish referendum, that means the Scottish people will vote, so leave to to it, and let them, they dont need anyone else to interfere.

Chris Whiteside said...

If you self-identify as English I can understand that viewpoint without agreeing with it.

Personally my ancestors were a mix of SCots and ENglish, I have an Irish wife and had a Welsh uncle. I regard myself as British and for those of us who self-identify as British it would be a disaster if the union were to break up.

Yes, it is Scotland's choice, but that does not mean the rest of us have no reason to be interested.