Friday, July 04, 2014

Quote of the day 4th July 2014 - Labour don't know whether to be more scared of Ed winning or losing

Hat tip to Guido Fawkes for the following quote from a Times article by Jenni Russell, who was expected to be sympathetic to Ed Miliband (he is her child's Godfather.)

The article is called "Ed and his team would be a disaster at Number 10"

It opens with an account of Ed Miliband and a couple of aides turning up at Financial Times event after most of those who had been present earlier had gone, and after accusing him of “arrogant indifference” and warning of the “stifling sterility of Mr Miliband’s lack of interest” in radical ideas, Russell concludes:
“This strategy might just win Mr Miliband the election, but it is a hopeless strategy for government. A leader who can’t inspire confidence, build alliances or enthuse his colleagues will fall apart in No 10. One shadow minister told me that there was little time left to change. He was afraid of losing, but winning might be worse.
‘What some of us fear is that we’re going to win, but Ed could be such a terrible leader we’ll be out for a generation after that.’"

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