Tuesday, July 29, 2014

With friends like these, continued

And Damian McBride is not the only Labour figure with doubts about Ed Miliband ...

'Too weak to stand up for himself'
'He just gets gamed out every day'
'No positive messages to communicate to anyone...no policies which will persuade them'

That's what people are saying about Ed Miliband.

But those quotes aren't from Conservatives, or UKIP or Lib Dems - they're from high-profile Labour figures.

Across the nation, Labour MPs, advisers and supporters agree on one thing: Ed Miliband's just not up to it.

See what Labour are saying about their leader on this interactive map:

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If Mr Milliband's own party do not believe he is up to it, then we should listen. Labour's only answers are more spending, more taxes and more debt than future generations can ever hope to pay off.

We can't let an Ed Miliband-led Labour Party win the next election and get into power. They would take Britain backwards.

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Jim said...

losing the next general election would be in a way bad for the labour party, but not that bad. It would actually be far worse for them to win under Ed.

if you think about it, Labour were pretty much unelectable during the 80's and the first half of the 90's thanks to their past record, and Neil was never going to be the answer.

It took blair with his "things can only getter better song and good showmanship to finally break that seal, though to do that had to change the party, scrapping clause 4 and creating Nulabour.

now a certain someone took the fall when it all went wrong (tony knew when to bail out) and right now the labour party dont look so attractive, though they can fool a few with "it was a global recession caused by the tory bankers" line at the moment, if ed does win and they get a term now, then following that one term the long game would be very bleak for them.

I think a lot of the labour club realise this

Jim said...

At the moment i would say the most likely outcome is another hung parliament and thatch not a bad thing, so long as it ends in a minority government, thus more control over them.

a lib lab coalition would be bad, both for the parties and the voters.
though i am not sure where lib votes would come from.

UKIP i dont think have the support in concentrated areas, sure they done ok under PR but under FPTP? not so sure.

Though its impossible to say at this stage, it is always fun to try.