Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Death of the Oceans

I have been reading an article in the forthcoming "Newsweek" called "The Death of the Oceans" about the possible impact of climate change on the ecosystem's of the world's seas and ocedans, which is nothing short of terrifying.

The article is available to read at the Newsweek site  here and will be in the next print edition in a few day's time.

The basic argument - which I hae seen previuosly backed up by very convincing scientific evidence - is that a large part of the extra carbon dioxide which human activity is pumping into the atmosphere is being absorbed by the oceans, making them more acidic, and this combined with the effects of fertilser run-off into rivers, seas and oceans may cause an ecological catastrophe.

We must continue to monitor what is happening to our environment, but the evidence that mankind must take more care about our impact on the planet before we cause a disaster for our children get more and more convincing.

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