Sunday, December 31, 2017

Derwentwater Road, Mirehouse, and Meadow Road.

My last duty of 2017: went down to have a look at Derwentwater Road on the Mirehouse estate, which is in my county division, and where a number of residents were concerned about the state of the road.

I was horrified.

The state of the road, and of Meadow Road in a number of places, particularly near the junction of the two roads, by McColls, is dangerous and quite unacceptable.

I would like to thank the residents who flagged up the issue and spoke to me today for doing so and for their patience and courtesy.

If there is anyone elsewhere in my division reading this who is thinking "OK, what about my road," please contact me and I will come to see you too.

Will be taking the matter up with the relevant officers of the County Council as soon as they are back at their desks on Tuesday for the New Year.


Jim said...

I tried a few times when i lived on there, the big problem is they come and fill in something, then of course, because its a huge bus route they tear out the 'fix'.

The entire road needs a complete new surface, nothing else will do.

Also when it freezes this brings the pot holes back after a 'quick fix, this, of course wont help, Its been so cold here the last few days i have actually witnessed socialist's with their hands in their own pockets.

A complete resurface is what has been needed on meadow road for a long time.

Chris Whiteside said...

A complete rebuild and new surface is indeed what is needed.

Both on Meadow Road and Derwentwater.

I'm going to lobby for exactly that - and I think on Derwentwater it will need to include some work on the drains.

Unfortunately that will take weeks at best, more likely months to organise and something needs to be done about at least the worst pot holes, which are downright dangerous, immediately. So I think what we have to do is get them filled in again as a temporary measure while trying to organise a complete resurfacing as a long-term solution as soon as possible.