Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Feedback from Highways Working Group

Feedback from the Highways Working Group of Cumbria County Council's Local Committee for Copeland which met yesterday (4th December 2017).

The first item discussed was the "North Shore" project which has been awarded a substantial amount of taxpayer's money to improve road safety and traffic flow in the Bransty Row area of Whitehaven.

This money is time-limited and has to be spent within something over two years.

A great deal of work is going on at the moment to refine the detailed options before putting the scheme out to public consultation in 2019, possibly in February.

One possible variant has a number of points of similarity to the Multi-Modal transport hub proposed a few years ago. However, it is possible that the scheme will focus more on improving the North Shore and George Street/Tangier Street junctions.

If all goes to plan work will start in Spring 2019.

The meeting also discussed the priorities for road surface repairs, the Local Committee's devolved capital programme, gully cleansing over the forthcoming winter period, and parking orders.


Jim said...

as long as "improving" does not mean the usual Copeland solution of "install more traffic lights"

Jim said...

its just another one of my pet peeves are traffic lights. Roundabouts make a lot of sense, they cause people to act with far more caution, and are better at traffic flow.

you can see this by entering and exiting both whitehaven and workington morrisons. well you could have untill they (temporarily) messed up the workington system by putting in temp traffic lights where they are building KFC, but there you go.

Chris Whiteside said...

I'm afraid it may mean more traffic lights, Jim, though they are still looking at a range of options.