Monday, December 18, 2017

The importance of being able to laugh at yourself ...

It is helpful in all walks of life to be able to laugh at oneself and nowhere more than for those who are involved in local or national politics.

I am not one of those who wants Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to be the next leader of the Conservative party - indeed, he says himself that he doesn't want that either -  but it does appear to be one of his strengths that he has the ability to apply his sense of humour to himself.

I see that the young lady who won this year's "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here," Georgia Toffolo who has been nicknamed "Toff" and described as "Boris in a bikini" has described Jacob Rees-Moss (a married man about twice her age) as a "Sex God."

Not the easiest thing for a politician to respond to when, inevitably, the press start phoning and asking for a reaction.

Jacob's initial reply was "Very surprised, but flattered" and this morning he tweeted - I did check and the tweet does does appear to have come from his real account and not a parody one - "Should have gone to specsavers."

As I say, it does help to have a sense of humour over these things ...

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