Saturday, June 23, 2018

Embarrasing internet fail of the month ...

You couldn't make this one up.

The Independent has an article on their website,

"11 signs you're a good person."

Most of the eleven things in the article are things that are self-evidently good things to be or do, although in my opinion the checklist does have a weakness that, to paraphrase C.S. :Lewis, it makes it too easy to attribute a good score to oneself on inadequate grounds.

In my opinion most of the items on the list are actions or principle of life which those who are actually very good people implement frequently, good people carry out regularly, and most people other than the 10% of the population who are utterly horrible individuals do or follow at least occasionally. And most of us would least aspire or try to follow them all.

Hence most people will be able to read the list and for the majority of the items on it will be able to think of an occasion in the past year where they've taken an action ticking that box. All but the most self-aware people are likely to give themselves a fairly high score which will not always be appropriate.

But that isn't the classic fail with the article.

Each of the 11 tests is illustrated with a link to a comment on anecdote which amplifies or exemplifies the principle.

Unfortunately one or two of those links don't work or refer to something which has been taken down.

Test six is

"You make sure everyone gets heard."

Unfortunately when I read the article, in place of a post on AskReddit which was supposed to illustrate test six I found a box with the words,

"This comment has been deleted."

Looks like one of the moderators on AskReddit is not a good person …

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