Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Finkle Street in St Bees will be closed tomorrow

The County Council Highways department has announced that Finkle Street in St Bees will be closed tomorrow (13th June 2018) for utility works (on the Telecommunications network).

If I understand the map which they issued (above) correctly the closure may also affect a substantial part of High House Hill, about halfway to the A595. Those who are familiar with St Bees will know that Finkle street is a short road which runs from the High Street where the Albert Hotel stands on the junction, up the hill past the village hall and the entrance to The Crofts and then merges into High House Hill. The vast majority of the road shown orange above is High House Hill, with only the extreme Western end of the area so marked being Finkle Street.

Anyway I would advise against assuming you will be able to drive through the stretch of road shown orange above tomorrow (Wednesday 13th June!)


Jim said...

Rather a strange one, yes its the road between the Albert Pub in St Bees and the A595 between Bigrigg and Westlakes.

Thing is that road has been closed for a few weeks now

Chris Whiteside said...

There was an earlier closure of part of this stretch of road several weeks ago. which I think is what you refer to. Finkle Street was open a few days back.