Sunday, June 24, 2018

Well done England

Congratulations to the England football team for their 6:1 victory over Panama in the World Cup.

Fantastic result.


Jim said...

yeah, it was a good result, but dont get too exited, Whilst I dont mean any dis respect to the fantastic effort of the Panama team for qualifying and for reaching their own stated ambition of scoring a world cup goal, its still a bit like the world stage football version of beating Stevie Wonder at darts.

Jim said...

FWIW I am glad they got a goal against England, England are quite respected at world cups, so it will mean so much more than a goal against Tunisia (again, no dis respect to Tunisia)

Chris Whiteside said...

I don't want to either overstate or minimise England's performance so far in the World Cup.

They've beaten two teams who you would expect they should be able to beat, and thereby qualified for the next stage.

However, there have been plenty of World Cup contests in which under the pressure of events, previous England squads have failed to do that much.

I was amused recently to see a twitter exchange between Piers Morgan and Gary Linaker - the latter now joined by Harry Kane as two of the three England players ever to score a hat-trick during the world cup, the first being Geoff Hurst.

Linaker said that it's difficult for people who have not been members of a world cup team to appreciate how involved to appreciate how great the pressure is.

Morgan asked if he would apply the same principle to those who have never been a politician or stood for public office who regularly make public statements about how rubbish our politicians are!

For the avoidance of doubt, in a democracy with a healthy respect for free speech anyone should be entitled to criticise either footballers or MPs and explain why they think either is rubbish, but not all the criticisms made of either will be justified.