Monday, June 04, 2018

Reactions to Tracey Ullman's political humour

Interesting thing:

When Tracey Ullman takes the mickey out of Theresa May, Tories laugh along with everyone else.

But when the Tracey Ullman show takes the mickey out of Jeremy Corbyn …

… the Corbynistas fill social media with howls of outrage, complain about BBC bias, and come up with utterly delusional conspiracy theories.

All good humour has at least some truth in it, but is this reaction from the Corbyn acolytes because

1) The second sketch above is painful to Corbyn supporters because it has too much truth in it, or

2) They don't like it because their attitude to Jeremy Corbyn is closer to the way that the followers of a spiritual leader rather than a political one normally regard their leader,

3) They're just not very good at accepting other points of view,

4) All of the above?


Jim said...

Sorry to go off topic (again) Just wondering what is your take on the Northern Rail situation at the moment Chris?

Anonymous said...

Let's distract everyone with an airport.

Chris Whiteside said...

Jim -

The railway shambles is an utter disgrace and displays almost, but not quite, the degree of dire incompetence which I associate with the previous nationalised railway network in the days of the late and unlamented British Rail.

It needs to be sorted out and I hope Chris Grayling and the transport select committee will make this clear to the rail companies in no uncertain terms. Otherwise their franchises should not be renewed.


Distract everyone? What for? it's not like the airport issue is going to be a vote winner.

This argument has been going on for decades and it had been promised at the time of the last row (remember when Zac Goldsmith provoked - and lost - a by-election over it?) that it would come back when the government had looked again at the issue.