Friday, May 06, 2022

Cumberland Council election results summary

Here is a link to the page with the details of the election results for the new Cumberland Council which will meet as a "shadow authority" over the next ten and a bit months and take office on 1st April 2023.

Cumberland Council election - 5 May 2022 | Shadow Authority for Cumberland Council

At that time the existing County and District councils in Cumbria will be abolished and their powers and duties assigned to the two new unitary councils.  Existing county and district councillors will continue to serve until then.

I congratulate all those who were elected to the new councils and wish them well. I would also like to thank all those who voted for me.


Paul Holdsworth said...

Commisserations, Chris.
This was always going to be a bloodbath - you've been sacrificed by your own backbenchers' failure to dispose of the Albatross in No. 10 (and of course his total lack of any sort of integrity in staying in post).
It seems a funny way to carry on - dispense with hardworking local politicians to protect a complete scoundrel at the top.
But there we are, I've never understood Tory thinking, and I guess I never will.

Chris Whiteside said...

Thank you for your kind words.