Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Quote of the day 3rd May 2022

"We need to be more clear-eyed about the dangers posed by the enemies of the nation."

"On the one hand, we might point to the metropolitan left, which harbours unrealistic ideas about immigration and asylum. There are perhaps a couple of billion people on the planet who would come here if they could, often fleeing sectarian conflict. If they were all allowed to come here in the name of compassion, the miracle in which they were seeking to partake would vanish. Nations without borders are not nations.

I disagree with significant details of the Rwanda policy, but I am confident that offshoring of a more humane kind is the only coherent solution to the challenge of mass migration. Asylum and immigration offer huge benefits but only when they are controlled tom ensure assimilation and consent.

On the other hand are the super-rich who accrue wealth by taking advantage of the intricate tapestry of social obligations upon which nations depend, and then illegally offshore their tax liabilities. I would include in this category aggressive tax avoiders."

(Matthew Syed, extracts from an article in this week's Sunday Times about the value of national pride and patriotism)

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