Thursday, May 05, 2022

Polls are now open

Polls are now open in local elections in the UK and will remain open until 10pm.

In Northern Ireland, there are elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly: in England, Scotland and Wales there are elections to various local councils. 

In Scotland and Wales there are elections for all local councils. In England there are elections to 146 principal councils (this means a County, City, District, Borough, or Unitary council) and about a thousand parish councils.

These include the new unitary authorities which will replace Cumbria County Council and the six districts in Cumbria on 1st April next year. The new Cumberland Council will replace the existing authorities in the area currently covered by Allerdale, Carlisle and Copeland, the new Westmorland and Furness council will replace the current councils in Barrow-in Furness, Eden, and South Lakeland.

There are two other new unitary authorities in Somerset and West Yorkshire being elected for the first time. The creation of these four new unitary councils will mean that figures quoted this evening and tomorrow about how many council seats each party nationally has won or lost in England need to be treated with caution - the four new unitary councils will have significantly fewer councillors than the bodies they replace.

If you have your polling card to hand, it will save you time at the polling station to take it with you and produce it. However, you do not need your polling card to vote.  


Anonymous said...

that just leaves the police then

Chris Whiteside said...

I await with interests the findings of both the Met and the Durham police.