More investment in renewable energy to provide jobs while protecting the environment

This week the government announced £22 million in extra investment for renewable energy, creating jobs, strengthening our energy security, lowering bills and growing our economy.

  • Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has made clear our need to do whatever it takes to bolster our energy security and replace expensive imported fossil fuels with cheaper, cleaner, domestic sources of energy.
  • That is why the Conservatives are allocating an extra £22 million in funding for renewables through the Contracts for Difference scheme, increasing its budget to £227 million and expanding the scheme which already generates sufficient electricity to power 12 million British homes. This investment will also grow the renewables sector, which directly supports nearly 25,000 jobs.
  • This increased funding will boost investment in Britain's world-leading renewable industry, while strengthening our energy security, helping to grow the economy and creating jobs across the country.


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