Guardian poll finds public supports coalition on economy

Today's front page lead article in the Guardian starts as follows:

David Cameron's first 100 days in Downing Street have seen the coalition win the key argument over the economy, with a Guardian/ICM poll today showing that voters back austerity measures to reduce Britain's record peacetime budget deficit."

You can read the full article here.


Tim said…
I think you'll find some people who are very keen on these austerity measures right up to the point they lose their jobs, houses and lifestyle. Then, they'll get very angry.

Try closing all tax loopholes before ruining ordinary peoples' lives. Remember the Barclay brothers - they run the Daily Telegraph for the purpose of political propaganda, yet pay not one penny to the exchequer.
Chris Whiteside said…
I am sure there will be some people like that.

The trouble is, when you inherit a situation where the government is spending four pounds for every three coming in, you have to do something about it.

And it just isn't possible to eliminate a deficit that huge without serious pain.

And the longer you leave it before doing something, the worse the pain when you, or the subsequent government, finally have to grasp the nettle.
Tim said…
So, why not close tax loopholes ? Only painful if you're very rich !

End our ridiculous commitments in places like Afghanistan.

Stop sending foreign aid to India and Singapore.

Deal with the EU on the same basis as Norway and Switzerland do.
Chris Whiteside said…
The coalition government is looking at tax loopholes.

There is a manifesto commitment not to cut foreign aid. I suspect the question of which countries receive it may get a lot more attention - though I would not have singled out India as one of those countries who doesn't need it or abuse it.

I presume you mean "leave the EU." There are a lot of people who would agree with you, but I'm convinced of the "Better Off Out" case.

If we were to leave I believe the decision would have to be made by the British People through a referendum.

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