Sayeeda Warsi on Labour's Legacy

Baroness Warsi, co-chairman of the Conservative party, writes:


"We all know that over 13 years the last Labour government spent huge sums of money and left us to deal with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history. But what we didn't know was just how wasteful they were with our money.

From wasting £12 billion on an NHS computer system that didn't work to kitting out regional fire offices with £6,000 luxury coffee-making machines, Labour showed complete contempt for taxpayers' money up and down this country.

Despite this reckless spending and waste, Labour remain in complete denial about their legacy. They blame the bankers, the recession, the global downturn - everyone and anyone - except themselves.

Today, I gave a speech to begin the process of exposing Labour's waste.

video exposes some of the most shocking examples of Labour's legacy.

Labour's incompetent handling of our economy will hit all of our pockets. The cuts to come are Labour's cuts. So, it's only fair that the people responsible should share some of the pain. That's why today I have written to each of Labour's leadership candidates asking them to voluntarily give up their severance pay, worth £20,000 each. Forfeiting this pay would be the first step towards rehabilitation, and the first time they had come to terms with the mistakes of the past.

In the coming weeks and months, the Coalition will be making its own contributions to exposing the truth. We are going to shine a light on every aspect of Labour's total lack of respect for taxpayers' money. If you feel as strongly about exposing Labour's legacy as I do, please forward this message to five friends or family.

This is a big job, but the Coalition is determined to take the difficult and responsible decisions to get our country back on track.

Sayeeda Warsi
Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party


Tim said…
Whatever you do - DON'T BLAME THE BANKERS ! It wasn't them ! Even when they were trousering the money, it wasn't them ! It's never them ! It's always someone else !
Chris Whiteside said…
Mistakes by some bankers did have something to do with the recession - and now, having had problems caused because some financial institutions lent too recklessly, the recovery is being hindered because some are now being overcautious.

Twas ever thus - C.S. Lewis in "The Screwtape Letters" had a great chapter on "Fire Extinguishers for Floods."
Tim said…
"Despite this reckless spending and waste, Labour remain in complete denial about their legacy. They blame the bankers, the recession, the global downturn - everyone and anyone - except themselves"

Spot the difference between the position stated here and your comment. It seems that self denial is alive and well within the Conservative party !

I would suggest (yet again) that having 6-8 million people including myself, economically inactive in Britain whilst jobs continue to be exported to the likes of India and not realising the benefit of taxing the likes of the Barclay brothers are just some of the reasons that we continue to have the economic life squeezed out of us.
Chris Whiteside said…
Fair enough to assign our share of the blame for things which have happened since the coalition government was elected, but not to blame us for decisions taken when we were out of office or accuse the new government of not doing things which it actually is doing.

And the government did impose a tax on the bankers in the emergency budget.

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