John Rentoul despairs ...

Hat tip to political betting for pointing out that John Rentoul has been reduced to near despair by what the polling evidence says about the thinking of Labour party supporters.

The title of this post by John Rentoul is four words that nobody active in democratic politics should ever allow themselves even to think: he goes on to complain bitterly about the fact that more than a quarter of those proposing to vote for Ed Miliband think that David Miliband has a better chance than Ed Miliband of winning an election. As is pointed out at Political Betting, the poll also shows that more than 10% of those supporting the younger Miliband think that his elder brother would be a better P.M.

(The equivalent percentages of David Milliband supporters thinking his younger brother is more likely to lead Labour to victory and would make the best PM are both about 1%, which is more like the sort of percentage you would expect to see among people who have a strong grasp on reality. But we're talking about Labour party members here ...)

As Rentoul puts it, "Vote Ed Miliband. No Compromise With the Electorate."


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