The two-minute peerage

Don't normally watch the Lib/Dem conference but while we are in coalition with them it seemed worth finding out what their activists are saying.

I was watching when the Copeland Lib/Dem chairman (and PPC a few elections ago) Roger Puttnam spoke, and interested to note that he was described as "Lord Puttnam" on the television caption.

I suspect they were getting him mixed up with the film maker David Puttnam who was given a life peerage by New Labour - wrong person and wrong party.

Someone obviously told them fairly quickly and the message was corrected within two minutes. Bad luck Roger, must have been the shortest enjoyment of a life peerage on record ...


Jane said…
I noticed that mistake as well and wondered why Roger Puttnam had been so hastily elevated to the peerage!

However, it has been an extremely interesting Lib Dem conference. The discussion on civil liberties and Labour's response to 9/11 was fascinating. I am exceedingly pleased that a judicial inquiry has been ordered by David Cameron into whether Tony Blair and Jack Straw knew that evidence submitted to ministers, via MI6 was known to have been obtained (indirectly) from people who were subject to extraordinary rendition and torture. I would recommend that all human rights activist follow the case in question.

On another note, I do not see evidence of Lib Dems falling out with each other, due to being in coalition with the Conservatives,
as certain sections of the media would have us believe.

I thought Roger's approach was about the strongest expression of concern that Liberals should maintain their identity. No talk of wanting a break with the Conservatives, just asking Labour if they were still in touch with their political identity (whatever that is?). Mr Puttnam has a great deal of integrity and has been a life-long Liberal. He does have an MBE for services to the community with regard to outdoor pursuits, which is much deserved.

Conservatives and Liberals share a tradition of individual freedom and respect for Liberty. In my opinion they have more in common with each other than Labour has with either.

Interesting conference. Liberals would not be in power if it was not for the Conservatives. The politically astute are aware of this fact.

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