Future of local library services

Cumbria County Council is holding a series of drop-in meetings this month at which residents will have the opportunity to comment on how they see the future of their local libraries.

If you care about your local library and are able to attend, it would be a really good idea to turn up and say that you value the service.

The meetings will be held at the libraries concerned. The first one in Copeland is to be held at St Bees library tomorrow (Tuesday 7uth June) from 3pm to 4.30 pm

The meeting for the main library in Whitehaven (The Daniel Hay library in Lowther Street, Whitehaven) will be held on Thursday 23rd June from 4pm to 7pm.


Jim said…
Will be at the Daniel Hay Library, front row centre. Though the role of the library has been reduced in recent times, what with the introduction of the Kindle and the e-books at 99p.

I still think the library is a fantastic resource. It's a great place to do some research, access to hundreds of books. I know the internet is challenging the research line, but sometimes its nice to sit and search the old way. After a day there (and its not unknown for me to spend 3-4hours in there) I will have a far better idea of a book I would like to buy, or take home for a while. Often times I will add a film from the DVD section (cheaper than blockbuster) and unlike sky, its a film you want to watch.

It still erks me (being a fan of films) that there is no cinema in whitehaven anymore. I would hate for the library to go the same way.

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