Whitehaven Festival 2011

This weekend for three days starting tomorrow (Friday 17th June) it's the Whitehaven Festival and it looks like yet another fantastic event.

Full details are given on the festival website here.

Highlights include:

Friday: Fish cooking and Afternoon Tea Demos on the Sugar Tongue, Jet Skis and Book Launch by Jean Christophe. The latter is at 6pm

Saturday: Live music on three stages, street theatre, Jet skis and celebrity chef demos. Spitfire flypast at 4pm

Sunday: Forces Parade starting 10:30am at the Sea Cadets' and finishing in the Arena. Full air show program from 3pm

All three days: Tall Ships, Cookery demos, Jet skis, fairgrounds and stalls

(Note - I originally quoted the information on Copeland Borough Council website which said that the Spitfire flypast would be on Sunday. It was actually on Saturday.)


Jim said…
its a shame that an event like this, one which has taken so many people so much time to plan, may be damaged by the weather.

I really hope that for the good of the town and wider community the event is a success.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining, im sure one of the stalls will be selling "alton towers" style rain macs
Chris Whiteside said…
Absolutely. The weather was lovely earlier this afternoon (Saturday) - as a matter of fact I saw you at the harbour, Jim, and I did wave and say hello, but amid all the noise and crush you obviously didn't hear me. Sadly this evening due to poor weather they have been unable to go ahead with the fireworks. Let's hope for better weather tomorrow.
Jim said…
Never saw you, sorry Chris, must book a hearing and eye test
Chris Whiteside said…
No problem, it was noisy and crowded and hardly surprising that I couldn't catch your eye.

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