Thursday, January 23, 2014

Regional Employment stats: good for the North West as a whole but mixed in Cumbria.

Drilling down into the regional employment figures released yesterday reveals that the positive picture for the UK as a whole was also good overall for the North West, but not for every part of the North West. There are still towns and districts where we need to do better.

Over the North West as a whole, unemployment fell by 2,800 in the most recent monthly figures, which I have seen described in the press as the largest fall anywhere in the UK.

In Cumbria the picture is mixed around the county, with unemployment falling in Carlisle, Eden and South Lakeland set against rises in Allerdale, Copeland and Barrow.

Ginny Murphy, economic intelligence officer for Cumbria County Council told "in-cumbria" that    "the number of young claimants and the number of long term claimants both continue to fall.”

While the rise in people in work over the country and the North West as a whole, and better opportunties foryoung people, are very good news, we need to push even harder to ensure that as the economy starts to move from rescue to recovery, every part of the UK can benefit from that recovery.

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