Cutting Red Tape

Today the government has announced plans to give more freedom to British businesses by slashing up to £1 billion worth of red tape, removing burdens from UK businesses as we work to grow the economy. 

  • Whether you think we should have left the EU or not, that is what the public voted for and we have left. So it only makes sense to take advantage of the freedoms this gives us to set our own laws to remove examples of red tape which do not make sense for the British economy.
  • That is why the government has announced plans to reduce time-consuming reporting requirements and the simplifying of annual leave and holiday pay calculations under the Working Time Regulations as well as the streamlining of regulations that apply when a business transfers to a new owner. This will allow firms to focus on creating jobs and growing the economy, saving them up £1 billion a year. 
  • Conservatives will give businesses more opportunities to grow, which means we will be able to increase productivity, compete more effectively and create more jobs. This in turn will grow the UK economy, delivering a brighter and more prosperous future for our country.


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