Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Luck!

Hat tip to Harry Phibbs who has tweeted a photo of a notice pinned to a front door.

The notice warns whoever keeps adding "og" to the owner's doorsign that

"If I catch you, you are dead."

The doorsign is supposed to read "Dr A Hedgeh."

See "A tough - but thus far ineffective - response to graffiti" at ...


Jim said...

there was a similar problem in carlisle when we lived there a few years ago, we lived in the wife's house which is one of the few that have sold on that estate, most are rented or To Let these days (mainly 2 bed semis), though there is a kid with a magic marker somewhere on the estate who seems to like nothing more than changing every To Let sign into one advertising the house as a "Toilet". lucky we got off light, there is not much you can do with "For Sale" - i can tempt fate now as its too late, they are both sold.

moving over the weekend, so all will go quiet, unless there is a hotspot i can hit, as bt wont connect the new until Jul 3rd, but its mega fast fibre so wont be all bad

Chris Whiteside said...

All the very best of luck with your house move. Do let me know how it goes.

Jim said...

Thanks for the good wishes, should be OK, I have removal men doing the hard bit as I really could not be on with it. So that eases the burden, Just hoping someone else on the estate has bt broadband so I can hit the hotspot until my own line and router are active (used to do this at carlisle a lot).

by the way, one of your earlier posts helped me influence an idea. Believe it or not a number on the house is an "extra" from the builder, which would have cost me £30, so instead i had one made from amazon really nice and only a tenner. Anyway how did your post help, well 24 i decided did not look anywhere near as good as "XXIV" on a posh door number :)

Jim said...

Oh, and there is another plus, yes its further to drive to work from the new one, but well worth it when you consider I will have weekly bin collections and no longer have to fund Copeland council (to give them their due, though they are not great, allerdale seem to be a bit more useful than copeland on that front.

That said, there have been some new bungalows built on mirehouse (where the calder club was) these are council homes, and a couple we are friendly with have got one, they moved from Derwentwater rd, and I must say the new one, well they done a really nice job of them. Perhaps it was copelands day off.

Chris Whiteside said...

I'm sure there is a joke there along the lines of how having a house number expressed in Roman numerals is a way of screening your visitors.

It means that only people with a certain level of education can easily find your house!

Jim said...

Well its not difficult, even if you cant read XXIV, though the houses are numbered odds/evens but still its not too challenging for a postman to figure out its the one between 22 and 26 :)

Although never say never