Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the "Trojan horse" investigation in Birmingham schools

It is very important that the so called "Trojan horse" investigations are completed and the results made public, innocent schools and parties cleared, and action taken if any of the allegations turn out to be true.

Dan Hannan MEP does have a very good point when he asks how the debate, in some parts of the media, has become about faith schools, free schools and academies when the 21 schools actually affected, a mix of primary & secondary, local authority & academies, include schools that are not in any of those three categories?


Anonymous said...

You and Mr Hannan both need to pay more attention, as was pointed out eloquently to Mr Hamman on twitter, Park Vies school is an Academy.

Chris Whiteside said...

Before you write a post accusing someone else of not paying attention, it is a good idea to pay attention yourself.

Which you didn't. So obviously you are the one who needs to pay more attention.

People who tell other people to pay attention without paying it themselves risk looking like a bit of a twit. Which you have just done.

Read my post again. Does it say that NONE of the schools concerned are academies?

No, quite the contrary.

Does my post say that the schools affected include academies?

Yes, it says that they are a mix of LEA and academy schools.

My post says that the schools affected include SOME that are not in any of the three categories. Pointing out that one of the schools - I presume you meant to refer to Park View Academy - is an academy does not invalidate that argument.

I can't speak for Dan Hannan but am quite sure he can defend himself. His tweet did not include the word "all" so as I did know that some of the schools were academies I took him to be making the same point that I was. But that is for Dan to say.

Please try to engage your brain in future before putting your typing fingers into gear.