Sunday, November 22, 2015

Church of England advert which has been banned from cinemas

In the interests of promoting debate and information, this is the Church of England advert featuring the Lord's prayer which has been banned from cinemas. Apparently the company which manages adverts in cinema has a policy of not running any adverts which feature religious material.

It says something interesting and in my opinion mildly alarming that something like this could be banned as potentially offensive.

And before you ask how I would react if Richard Dawkins' pals produced a cinema advert which in equally polite language argued for atheism - perhaps a cinematic version of the advert they put on the side of buses a while back - my answer is there has to be a level playing field but I would prefer for it to be possible to show either.


Jim said...

In response to both claims, well to me the answer is pretty simple. Did i pay to go and watch the lords prayer? you find the answer is no.
did I pay to watch Richard Dawkins? - again you find the answer is no.

I paid my money so the cinema would show me the movie i paid to see. So i guess in my view i want to live in a world where they show neither, and put the movie on.

Anthea said...


The cinema did NOT have a policy -- they said that after they were challenged by the CofE. When the church asked to see it, none was forthcoming. After several requests, a "policy" mysteriously appeared on the company's website.

The digital media company have been deceitful.

Serously, people need to get real. If find smug atheists going on and on and on about how rational they are, and how clever they are, and how other people are sooo inferior is far worse than a fairly MOR advert.

Chris Whiteside said...

Interesting point. Everyone who is defending the action of the cinemas says it was a pre-existing policy and some have even criticise the C of E for not having checked - but one would like to know when that policy was announced or publicised.